Honey and natural process from our late harvest coffee cherries are now available at the cafe for filter brewing and we also ship for home brewing in case you are away from our shop location.

As we aimed to finding the BALANCE in how to ensure the proper of coffee processing without emitting uncontrolled amount of polluted water into the enviroment, the coffee taste has never made our customer experience down.

Langbiang Arabica Coffee Langbiang Arabica Coffee





Having coffee at your favorite coffee shop is great, but your coffee experience would also be awesome and fun when trying to experiment with coffee by yourself at home with a Phin (a simple convenient coffee tool that mostly every Vietnamese gets atleast 1 home), moka pot or home espresso machine.

Just via contact us by phone or leave us an online order, and we will get the coffee home for you ASAP. And don’t forget to NOTE us if you would like the coffee ground or whole beans.

Langbiang Arabica CoffeeVietnam Phin Coffee


A small corner for people who love coffee. The team are supper passionate about coffee and may share with you everything about coffee in Dalat. Even outside look a bit tiny, the area inside is supper comfortable with amazing déign and quiet with relaxing music. I cant help keep coming back


Thao Uyen

I was walking around and I saw this beautiful coffee shop and I just felt ‘gut vibes’, so I walked in.
First impact was ‘wooow’, they have really good quality coffee beans from a farm in countryside of Dalat and they have lots of experience in specialty coffee shop before open their own shop. They are really friendly and always happy to explain and share their knowledge about coffee and you have a really big variety of coffee type that you can choose between.
Must to come in!



What a special treat!

From the walk down the little oath by the river to the beautiful
And elegant space to the service it was magical. The barista is very knowledgeable and friendly, she’s easy to communicate with and makes a mean coffee however you want it.

I ordered a syphon medium roast and a waffle with ice cream and banana. It was 90k dong.

Well worth the visit!



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