“Coffee – Share – Love”

Since coffee was introduced to the world in 15th century, it becomes a culture point which reflects the lives of people into it whether in the way it is made, served, shared or consumed.

Vietnam Phin Coffee Brewing
Vietnam Phin Coffee

In modern society, coffee is not only a daily drink but also become a lifestyle. And as baristas with all our passion and mindfulness, we wish to insprire our love for coffee to the consumers of the nations and make it a connection to culture exchange.
That is how we mean coffee as “CULTURE BEAN”

We create open-working space where we are welcome to all coffee enthusiasts as a way to share passion and spread simple happiness.

Drip Coffee Bar
Hand Brew Bar

K’ho (or Cơ Ho), an ethnic minority, belongs to one of the 54 people tribes of Vietnam, inhabits majorly in Lam Dong Province.
Their major living activity is cultivating.
Since the French colony – 1860s, the K’ho have been conscientiously growing Coffee (both in Robusta and Arabica).

K’ho Tribe People Hand-picking Coffee Cherries

We have committed their days spent in the coffee field no matter it is rainy or sunny.
We fell in love with the people and their works and the coffee beans from the very first day and everyday more!

Cơ Ho farmers growing, producing Arabica coffee
Natural Process Coffee Cherries

At Culture Bean, we are honored to co-operate with K’Ho Coffee, serving their coffee in drinks and in whole roasted beans.
We hope you find joy and enthusiasm in every sip you take, then fall in love with this coffee like the way we did.